Develop self-disciplime intellectuals through
a wide range of basic education

Educational goal

School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Educational goal

● Chung-Ang University Graduate School

Educational Philosophy
Chung-Ang University considers the spirit of 'righteousness and truth' as ​​its educational philosophy. In other words, the central person should pursue social truth by pursuing the truth through academic inquiry and practicing service and participation based on the right human spirit.

Educational purpose
The Graduate School of Chung-Ang University, based on the basic spirit of founding graduate school and the founding philosophy of righteousness and truth, realizes self, pursues academic theory and knowledge necessary for the transformation of state and human society, and is creative and practical to contribute to the community. To cultivate spiritual leaders for educational purposes.

Educational goal
1. Develop academic research skills based on creative thinking and scientific research methods.
2. Create new knowledge through critical analysis and interdisciplinary research on academic theory.
3. Create practical knowledge by developing problem solving skills.
4. Cultivate open eyes to create Korean culture in the world.
5. Develop qualities as practical leaders based on a sense of community and moral judgment.

● School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Educational purpose
The Graduate School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering teaches that the quality of life of human society should be enhanced and the needs of the nation and the community should be met through academic research (creation of knowledge), human resource development (knowledge transfer) and social service (application of knowledge). The purpose. In order to cultivate research manpower and high-level specialists required by the state and industrial society, a future-oriented curriculum was organized.
The decision was made to meet the requirements and to cultivate professional personnel.
The curriculum linked to the undergraduate is more in-depth in the graduate school than in the undergraduate so as to foster the competent experts required by the industrial society, while at the same time laying the foundation for further research when entering the doctoral program.

Educational goal
As mentioned above, the educational purpose of the Graduate School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering is academic research, human resource development, and social service.
The purpose of the Graduate School's education is to contribute to the development of the nation and human society through the development of competent and capable human resources required by the state and industrial society.
To this end, the Faculty has established a curriculum by linking the curriculum between the Faculty and the Graduate School. The curriculum was organized into new energy technology and computer fields.
The curriculum for each field was planned by professors in each field and was discussed and decided at the faculty's whole faculty meeting. Every effort is being made to ensure that the realization of the goal.