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Greeting of Chair

School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Greeting of Chair Welcome to the homepage of the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering!
You are encouraged to browse our website where the information on our faculty members, educational programs, graduate programs, students' activities, recruitment information, and ABEEK is readily available. You can also find notices and materials that are important to your activities in the School.

The field of electrical and electronics engineering has changed the way of human life in an unparalleled fashion, and will continue to do so in the future as well.
To name a few, electricity, telecommunications, semiconductors, robotics, and mobile computing have greatly contributed to the conveniences of every day life. Our school is engaged in the education of undergraduate and graduate students and the research and developments in this exciting and fascinating field. For thess daunting tasks in this field, 34 dedicated faculty members are currently working in our school.
They prepared, implemented, and have kept improving a compact and firm curriculum for students to develop their fullest potentials.
They also perform, closely with their students, research and developments in the forefront and competitive areas with industry and other universities through supports from the government and companies.

Our education and research are not limited to our school. Many interdisciplinary collaborations with other departments in Chung-Ang University or with other institutions are underway and new ones are open to students and researchers in our school.
Opportunities are abundant and are open to those who are interested.
If you find questions regarding our school, please feel free to contact us.

Chair of the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Chung-Ang University
Professor UN-CHUL MOON